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Good evening ladies and gentlemen!
Good morning ladies and gentlemen across the ocean!
My name is Anastasiya and I am a foreign trade manager of company Tuljskaya Garmonj, the biggest producer of reeds musical instruments in Russia. In my presentation I ‘ll tell you about our company.
Tuljskaya Garmonj company successfully continues traditions established by outstanding Tula craftsmen at the beginning of the XIX century when the first accordions only started to appear in Russia.
 At all times Tula was the main supplier of accordion and hand-harmonicas for the entire Russian Empire because the manufacturing of these instruments originated here. And now company keeps the position of Min supplier accordions and hand-harmonicas for Russian federation and former Russians all over the world.
Tuljskaya Garmonj is the only company  where you can buy any model of bayan or hand-harmonica and order musical instrument with the desired futures and specifications for playing different music from rock to folk and classical.
The main items in production are:
Bayan (or button accordion)
Accordion (piano accordion)
These musical instruments are produced 165 people. Total staff  of company – 192 people. So  now we turned to main figures which describe the activity of company.
 Productivity – 400 units per month, so during the year we produce in average 6000 musical instruments.
Production area is 344 thousands square foots – two buildings, three  big departments and administration.
Net profit growth at 2010 was more then 60%.
Total sales in 2010 2 000 00 USD and according to the data or reports this indicator rise gradually.
Indicator ROI is 8 per cent for 2010 year.
 That  indicators will bring us to our next slide Market and competitors
At the pie chart you see the structure of Russian reeds instruments market. Our company is the leader of this market. But of course we have competitors. The main of them are Jupiter (that’s Moscow company produced concert   instruments with  high quality for professional musicians), Bayan Jupiter (Moscow company producing cornet and student bayans in small quantities), AKKO (Voronezh factory producing instruments with special voices).
Now there a lot of foreign producers at Russian market  but their instruments are not at great demand because of high prices and some disadvantages in structure of instruments.
Moving to our next slide. Here you see  our main foreign partners companies (network companies)…musicians from and others.
Companies prefer wide range of instruments which we purpose for them. Musicians appreciate special sound color of Tula instruments.
For attracting of clients we use different methods for example:
We are the sponsor  of various festivals, competitions. We  establish awards for winners of this competitions. We try to support young talented people who play bayan, accordion, hand-harmonica.
We are the permanent member of different special exhibitions.
Company cooperates with the biggest Russian musical institutes, universities, famous musicians for preserving and promoting in Russian cultural traditions of playing reeds instruments.
So in conclusion I would like again to point out your attention to company Tuljskaya Garmonj - one of few producers  bayans, hand-harmonicas not only  in Russia, but around d the world. Company who try not only produce  and sell instruments but create a market for them  by  supporting old Russian tradition of playing these wonderful kind of instruments.